Understanding Allergies & Homeopathy

Homeopathy allergies

Allergies are becoming more common. They are autoimmune diseases – a term which is applied to a whole range of diseases where the immune system breaks down and anti-bodies begin to attack the body's own tissues. (The proper functioning of the immune system is seen as being dependent on a healthy spleen and damage to this are can create long term problems).

There are many types of autoimmune diseases including:

• diabetes mellitus, Addison's disease and thyroid disease

• pernicious anaemia (which is caused by an immune attack on the stomach and Cardiovascular System).

• allergies such as asthma, hay fever, food allergies etc..

These disorders clearly indicate a deep imbalance in the body. The blood is disturbed as revealed by the presence of antibodies, the body is attacking itself, (which could be termed "suicide by immune reaction") and the diseases can affect deep internal organs as well as the surface of the body. With allergies homeopaths tend to place the emphasis on:

• physical trauma (such as car accidents) • emotional factors (grief, divorce, redundancy etc).

• environmental factors (poor housing, air pollution etc)

• inherited factors (genetic and social)

• toxicity (through drugs, diet etc)

• on going stress

• diet (obesity, malnourishment) Because we are unique individuals, allergies manifest differently in different people depending on their pre-disposition and general inherited weaknesses (which homeopaths call miasms).

Homeopathy seeks to look for the root cause/s taking into consideration both internal and external factors. It then seeks to restore this balance by gently stimulating the body to naturally complete its healing process with the indicated remedy/remedies, without any of the side-effects associated with drug therapy.

Homeopaths have developed many remedies that can treat allergies and it is also worth find out about other products like allergy relief air purifiers to suit your needs.

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