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01) What is the difference between registration, accreditation and recognition?

02) Who recognises CPH?

03) Are you considering degree status?

04) What if I want to get a degree and become a homeopath?

05) Do students receive written course material?

06) How will I be assessed?

07) Are there any exams?

08) I am unhappy with my current course – is it possible to transfer to Cph?


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What is the difference between registration, accreditation and recognition?


What is the difference between registration, accreditation and recognition?

1a) Registration is the term used to describe the status of individual homeopaths. There are a number of voluntary registers run by professional bodies representing homeopaths. The main ones of these are:

  • The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH)

  • The Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA)

  • The Society of Homeopaths

  • Plus at least five more


There is now a single UK based directory of registered homeopaths (www.findahomeopath.com) and an accrediting system for homeopathic colleges (www.hcpf.org.uk./)


1b)  Accreditation relates to the status of training providers. Homeopathy is currently an unregulated therapy in the UK and there is no government accreditation system for homeopathic qualifications or course providers. 

CPH continues to lead the way in bringing homeopathic education up to the standards required by students today – any college you consider should be accredited by an independent body such as BAC or a sector wide registered body (HCPG QA Scheme). 


In January 2009 CPH became the first homeopathic college to achieve accreditation by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education (an independent OfQual registered body).

In August 2010 the Homeopathic Course Providers Forum (HCPF) launched the Course Providers Quality Assurance Validation Scheme for its members and CPH was once again the first college to be validated.

This scheme is one that is supported by all of the professional bodies involved in homeopathic education and is a product of eight years of hard work in developing a recognition system relevant to the 21st Century.

    This is the foundation of an independent national accreditation system for the future so if you are looking at colleges then check they are registered with HCPF.

We strongly encourage our students to belong to a professional body that they feel represents their needs, initially as student members and then on graduation as full members of the body of their choice.

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Who recognises CPH?


So who recognises CPH? – CPH graduates are recognised by all the professional bodies representing homeopaths. We strongly encourage our students to belong to a professional body, initially as student members and then on graduation as full members of the body of their choice.

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Are you considering degree status?


Are you considering degree status? – No – There is no intention for the profession to become degree entry so treat with caution any claims that it will. The evidence is that degree level courses are too academic and detract from the vocational nature of becoming a working homeopath and have a very high dropout rate. CPH provides a professional vocational training and is designed for students who want to be competent and confident to run their own successful practices.

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Do students receive written course material?


Do students receive written course material?  CPH prides itself on providing the best course material of any homeopathic course provider across the World as this allows our students to concentrate on developing the skills necessary to become competent and confident practitioners. This is done electronically direct to your pc and gives them a complete set of accessible reference material that will support them throughout their working lives. (Many colleges do not provide decent written course material. All the evidence shows that students who have to take notes only get about 3 – 7% of the information and some of that is often misunderstood!).

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How will I be assessed?


CPH operates a process of continual assessment. The bulk of this is through casework, and all our graduate cases are externally marked. Students also develop their own materia medica and therapeutics manuals. This means that the standard of our students’ work is second to none.

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Are there any exams?


No, CPH uses continuous assessment and students have to meet these requirements before they can progress onto the next module/level.

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I am unhappy with my current course – is it possible to transfer to CPH?


Unfortunately some students make their decisions about a course providers based primarily on factors such as location and cost rather than the quality of the course (See our information sheet on ‘Choosing a homeopathic Course’ for more information on this important topic). This can be an expensive mistake and often leads to students dropping out and feeling they have failed, or struggling on and then being unable to practice on graduation. If you are unhappy with your course then do not keep thinking it will get better as it rarely does! 

Read our Transfer Guide or contact us directly and we can see how we can help.

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What if I want to get a degree and become a homeopath?


What if I want to get a degree and be a homeopath? Our recommendation is to learn how to be a homeopath first. Increasingly students who have started degree courses are transferring to CPH as they realise that a degree will not help in developing them as practitioners and they have found it impossible to translate their academic experience into real life. The best and most cost effective option is to complete our vocational course and then do a part-time one year course as you will then have practical experience to help put the academic research based study into context and perspective.

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